Thought for the day: Halloween in England

You know Halloween is not big somewhere when you must travel by almost every form of transportation to get to a costume shop (or as they say in the UK…A fancy dress shop). Today, the American’s are setting out on an adventure to find Halloween costumes to wear at the Mask-erade that we are throwing for some of our friends…got to show them how us Americans do it 😉

We are also venturing to go to the American Store…aka they have every food item any fat American could want…Example: POPTARTS! Who doesn’t love poptarts? I mean seriously. May need to even purchase some candy corn for the fancy dress party were throwing…you know, we have to go all out for our friends. Show them how we celebrate Halloween America style.

Plus I have the perfect costume….to be continued 😉

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  1. Love your blog design! It sounds like you’re having a blast in England… can’t wait to hear about your costume 🙂


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