Thought for the day: Boys will be Boys

Let us talk about boys. Boys claim they are simple…but is that really the case? I don’t think so. You never can tell what they are thinking or feeling. Boys, no matter the age, can just look at you…and you have no idea whether they are thinking you’re pretty…or there is a booger in your nose, or maybe they are just staring aimlessly because they have nothing better to do. Seriously! If boys were so simple… I mean there are the known facts. Boys like specific female body parts…I mean that is mostly what they think of when they’re talking to you (even if they don’t admit it). Example: You are with a group of friends at dinner. All of the boys in the group see the T.V. is on. When will they stop listening to the conversation? When either

A) The football game is on

or B) Katy Perry is struting her stuff on the screen in nothing but a cupcake bra and short shorts.

Okay, so maybe boys are a little bit on the simple side…but they never seem to be simple when it comes to the crushes girls have on them. That is all that is going on in our girl brains. We over analyse a boy’s attention towards us, yes I know…but girls can tell when there is flirting happening back. Is it the “want what you can’t have” syndrome? I mean seriously…how much more confusing can you be?

I love boys. I have plenty of friends who are boys… however I will never side with the “boys are simple” concept. Boys are silly creatures who we can’t live with….but we even more so CAN NOT live without. Plus…some are just soooo fine. How can you be mad at them for very long? 😉

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  1. Zack Dunham

     /  October 11, 2011

    Try dealing with girl’s drama…you think we play games? Ha! We are just playing catch up 😉


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